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Emergency Management App put to the test at Albany Commemorative Event

May 5, 2015

Trusted for the planning and development of emergency management strategies and procedures for venues and events across Australia, Riskworks has now developed the latest phase of its client solutions – an app for these emergency management procedures, Procedures OnLine (POL).

The POL app ensures venue and event managers and staff will always have access to emergency management procedures at their fingertips, with the fast access app providing instant access to procedures and accessible offline.

Procedures OnLine was first put to the test during the Albany Convoy Commemorative Event (ACCE) over the weekend of 31st October to 2nd November last year.

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the departure of the first convoy of ships that carried the Australian and New Zealand Forces to the First World War, the official commemorative activities included a Royal Australian Navy Ceremonial Sunset, a Troop March, a Commemorative Service, the opening of the National Anzac Centre, and a Ship Open Day.

In addition there were many community based events managed by the City of Albany.

A fitting tribute to those who departed Albany for the First World War a century ago, the event had a plethora of stakeholders including the main organisations of Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the City of Albany, local and state Emergency Services, Department of Premier and Cabinet, and the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Federal Police.

Behind the scenes, two key event companies organising the many commemorative and community-based events.

Commenting on the management of the event, Riskworks Director Lyndall Milenkovic explains “it is often the case that venues and events struggle with the communication of important safety related information to large workforces.

“With the management of ACCE utilising the assistance of 400 to 500 Volunteers and Security Officers, Procedures OnLine made significant inroads to solving some of these challenges.

“The event teams used this smart phone based app to provide the Emergency Procedures for all the Chief Wardens and key staff across the many event sites and also as a way of providing the staff and volunteer inductions to reinforce the face to face briefings.

“The information was accessible even when internet connectivity wasn’t available – an occurrence in some areas around Albany and in many regional areas.”

With such high profile attendees as the Prime Ministers and Governors Generals of both Australia and New Zealand and many other dignitaries, the pressure was on the teams to ensure the co-ordination was effective between all agencies and the Close Personal Protection teams.

Using POL, the event organisers reportedly felt more comfortable knowing that all key information was at their fingertips to refer to if necessary.

Procedures OnLine (POL) is available on Android, iPhone & iPad

Riskworks is committed to helping its clients bring any set of   procedures to life to assist professional judgment and good practice and improve outcomes and keeping clients up to date through cost effective, reliable and innovative solutions.

For more information about the successful use of Procedures OnLine (POL) and how cost effective it is to access click here. 

Images: The POL app (top) and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and New Zealand Prime John Key at the Albany Convoy Commemorative Event (below). Lower image courtesy of Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK.

Originally featured in Australian Leisure Management