POL Review – Excerpt by John Adams

We’ve been living with different types of cloud-based solutions for a while now and one of the cleverest and most worthwhile I saw at Security 2015 was RiskWorks’ Procedures Online (POL) app. It might seem somewhat oblique to folks on the technology side, but procedures are the things that take over after electronic security systems have done their job. In the past, procedures might have been committed to memory or stored in vast bibliographies behind a security manager’s desk, as mystical and remote as books of runes.  

POL takes the procedures for every conceivable incident a site or organisation might face and presents them as an app on any authorised mobile device. It’s deceptively simple. Whatever the event – an alarm intrusion, a fire, a lost child, an injury, a lift failure, an assault on the premises, a flood, a gas leak – you call up the app, tap the incident heading and the procedures unfold before your eyes. 

POL is as useful for security managers as it is for a facilities manager, a security officer, a fire warden, or simply for informing emergency services arriving on site after an incident. POL is built on RiskWorks long experience handling risk management for blue chip clients – there’s nothing Johnny-come-lately about it. POL is simple and it’s awesome – every organisation should be using it. 

“Best in show? I can’t put space between Axis Zipstream, Ness Mezzo, RiskWorks’ POL, Safran MorphoWave and Inner Range Inception” – John Adams

Excerpt from Security 2015 Expo: Full Report by John Adams –  Security, Electronics and Networks Magazine