POL (Procedures OnLine)

The Riskworks Group has released another tool to assist in risk related areas. The app provides for the inclusion of any set of procedures on any hand held device.

  • Procedures OnLine (POL) is designed to support documented procedures that are predictably stored in a manual format.
  • Our app provides a summarised electronic checklist that reflects your organisation’s specific procedures.
  • No more laminated checklists – it’s all on your IPhone, Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Procedures online (POL) can be utilised as an Induction tool for your employees, events, contractors and security teams.

Use POL for your safety, security, emergency, crisis & business continuity procedures. It can also serve as a data base on your phone for Facility or Property Managers. Each site can be listed with all relevant information concerning the location of essential services, important contacts, shut down procedures – the applications are limitless.

Riskworks is committed to helping our clients bring their procedures to life to assist professional judgment, good practice and improve outcomes.