Procedures On-Line (POL)

Procedures On-Line (POL)

“Procedures On-Line” (POL) is an easily accessible yet highly secure IT platform designed by Riskworks for all your safety, security, emergency, crisis and business continuity procedures.

Our proprietary App provides an agile and accessible tool for educating employees and contractors on business and site-specific procedures anywhere, anytime on any computer or smartphone device whilst recording all activities for compliance. 

It also provides facility and property managers cloud-based storage of site-specific plans, maintenance activities, essential services and emergency procedures and contacts.

POL provides for the secure inclusion of any set of procedures on any mobile or handheld device and includes:

  • supporting documented procedures that are predictably stored in a manual format;
  • providing a summarised electronic checklist that reflects your organisation’s specific procedures;
  • eliminates laminated checklists – it’s all on the Smartphone or Tablet; and
  • can be utilised as Site Safety Induction tool for employees, contractors, event personnel and security teams.

Riskworks is committed to helping clients bring their procedures to life and provide the most up to date information for superior decision-making and best practice responses.

An extensive number of organisations trust Riskworks to develop and manage their Emergency Management Plans, Policies and Procedures, test them and keep them up to date.

With constant advancements in computer and mobile technologies Riskworks continue to update its on-line APP solution “Procedures On-Line” (POL) so businesses are assured their employees have fast reliable access to critical plans, policies and procedures at any time via any device including IOS, Android, iPhone & iPad. 

Riskworks are committed to bring our clients procedures to life to assist with professional judgments, good practice and improved outcomes during emergency situations.

Riskworks proprietary “Procedures On-Line” app is a cost effective, reliable and innovative solution for safety, security, emergency, crisis & business continuity procedures and inductions.

Contact us at info@riskworks.com.au or call (02) 8031 777 to arrange an obligation free demonstration on how POL can benefit your business.

POL is an iOS app available in the App Store and also a web app built with PHP. Hosted on Riskworks servers via Intaserve http://www.intaserve.com/ which has auDA Information Security Standards (ISS) certification. Files are cached on individual’s device with passcode locking for extra security