Event Operations and Emergency Coordination Centres

Event Operations and Emergency Coordination Centres

Event Operation Centres (EOC) and Emergency Coordination Centres (ECC) are now essential facilities at venues and events where large crowds gather.

Having representatives from all essential services including police, fire, medical, security and venue management collocated in one facility ensures the most efficient, timely and coordinated responses to any planned or unplanned incident especially emergencies.

Such facilities require experience, overarching technologies and coordination to ensure they deliver best outcomes.  For over 20 years Riskworks have provided highly experienced communication and coordinator specialists in EOC and ECC facilities at almost every size event and stadium allowing agencies to focus on their core business activities.

Our services include:

  • Event Operations Centre (EOC) Coordinator / Manager;
  • Emergency Operations Centre (ECC) Coordinator / Manager;
  • Chief Wardens;
  • Safety Officers;
  • Operations Centre personnel.