Risk Management and Assessment

Risk Management and Assessment

Risk Management and Assessment

Riskworks are experts in Public Safety, Security Risk, Emergency Management, Crisis, Business Continuity and Resilience.

By interpreting and adopting international best practice, regional standards and local laws relating to safety, risk and emergency management Riskworks guide clients through the processes of identifying their risk appetite and context, hazards and associated risks, developing and implementing risk control procedures, regularly testing and reviewing the plans, policies and procedures and training all business personnel how to interpret and implement procedures as needed.

Risk Management Policies and Procedures also require effective integration into emergency management, business continuity and crisis management policies and procedures which are often underpinned by the business insurance program.

Riskworks team of highly experienced consultants emanate from a diverse range of disciplines to ensure clients receive the very best advice considering not only relevant standards and local laws but also class leading technologies (where appropriate) to deliver projects that our timely, cost effective, compliant and accountable.

Our consultation process seeks to articulate the individual needs of an organisation so their safety risk management framework can appropriately identify, document and respond to potential risks consistent with the businesses, legal, fiscal, environmental and social responsibilities.