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Whether its’s emergency and crisis management, training or security and safety risk assessments, Riskworks tailor solutions to best suit your business needs.

Below you will find a list of services that we offer:


Risk Management and Assessment

Riskworks are experts in Public Safety, Security Risk, Emergency Management, Crisis, Business Continuity and Resilience.

By interpreting and adopting international best practice, regional standards and local laws relating to safety, risk and emergency management Riskworks guide clients through the processes of identifying their risk appetite and context, hazards and associated risks, developing and implementing risk control procedures, regularly testing and reviewing the plans, policies and procedures and training all business personnel how to interpret and implement procedures as needed.

Risk Management Policies and Procedures also require effective integration into emergency management, business continuity and crisis management policies and procedures which are often underpinned by the business insurance program.

Riskworks team of highly experienced consultants emanate from a diverse range of disciplines to ensure clients receive the very best advice considering not only relevant standards and local laws but also class leading technologies (where appropriate) to deliver projects that our timely, cost effective, compliant and accountable.

Our consultation process seeks to articulate the individual needs of an organisation so their safety risk management framework can appropriately identify, document and respond to potential risks consistent with the businesses, legal, fiscal, environmental and social responsibilities.


Workplace Health & Safety

Most employers and employees understand their obligations to ensuring workplaces are as safe as practicable and make reasonable efforts to that end; however this can come at considerable cost to business operational time, additional resources and administrative compliance.

National harmonisation of WHS laws also remains an ongoing issue and whilst model laws were developed by the Commonwealth to provide an important bridge between jurisdictions, states and territories still independently implement, regulate and enforce related law.

In some jurisdictions tougher WHS laws now provide opportunity to impose heavy fines and/or Jail time for business leaders who fail to meet their obligations to workplaces safety laws and regulations causing serious injury or death.   

Riskworks specialise in WHS laws and standards across Australia and are expert in interpreting specific jurisdictional details to ensure every requirement is identified and addressed in an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective manner.    

Our systems and consulting services remove many of the operational and administrative burdens so businesses can focus on developing, growing and enjoying business success.

Services include:

  • Creating a dedicated Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) for your business;

  • Reviewing your WHS documentation and procedures to ensure they are compliant with jurisdictional legislation, regulations and Australian Standards;

  • Workplace training and inductions for all employees (and contractors) on general and site-specific safety requirements; and

  • Updating WHSMS to ensure they remain compliant as your business grows and changes.

Riskworks WHS solutions are easy to use, compliant and cost effective.


Emergency Management

It’s important to prepare your business for an emergency.  With the right planning and training the likelihood of emergency incidents can be significantly reduced or well managed should they still occur. By having resources and understanding responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies (preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery) our clients will be better equipped. The aim is to reduce the harmful effects of all hazards, including disasters.

Riskworks support our clients to do this by:

  • Ensure they have up to date Emergency Management Plans which meet local standards such as AS 3745:2010 – Planning for emergencies in facilities;

  • Ensure Emergency Plans consider all operating periods including peak and off-peak;

  • Help facilitate Emergency Planning Committee requirements as per ‘the standard’;

  • Train key personnel on their responsibilities as Emergency Wardens;

  • Prepare all documentation relating to ‘the standard’ including –

    • Emergency Management Plans;

    • Emergency and Evacuation Information Cards; and

    • Checklists.


Crisis Management & Business Continuity

In the event of a crisis, it should be comforting to know you have a robust, well considered and tested response plan that ensures you regain the initiative to protect your people, infrastructure, brand and reputation.  

Critical incidents and emergencies are not always foreseeable or preventable and generally occur without warning.  Regardless of the reason or cause Riskworks know your next moves can be the difference between your business succeeding or failing as a consequence.

Riskworks offer an integrated framework of strategic, operational and tactical plans that ensure your Crisis Response and Business Continuity Plans appropriately respond to and recover from critical incidents.   

Our service includes:

  • Establishing and defining the layer of responsibilities;

  • Have a developed and rehearsed public communication plan;

  • Consider internal and external stakeholders;

  • Training key personnel on their responsibilities within the plan;

  • Exercising and testing plans;

  • Ensuring plans interface with emergency services;

  • Considering effective communication strategies; and

  • Ensuring they address statutory and community expectations.


Event Operation Centres and Emergency Coordination Centres

Event Operation Centres (EOC) and Emergency Coordination Centres (ECC) are now essential facilities at venues and events where large crowds gather.

Having representatives from all essential services including police, fire, medical, security and venue management collocated in one facility ensures the most efficient, timely and coordinated responses to any planned or unplanned incident especially emergencies.

Such facilities require experience, overarching technologies and coordination to ensure they deliver best outcomes.  For over 20 years Riskworks have provided highly experienced communication and coordinator specialists in EOC and ECC facilities at almost every size event and stadium allowing agencies to focus on their core business activities.

Our services include:

  • Event Operations Centre (EOC) Coordinator / Manager;

  • Emergency Operations Centre (ECC) Coordinator / Manager;

  • Chief Wardens;

  • Safety Officers;

  • Operations Centre personnel.


Procedures On-Line (POL)

Procedures On-Line” (POL) is an easily accessible yet highly secure IT platform designed by Riskworks for all your safety, security, emergency, crisis and business continuity procedures.

Our proprietary App provides an agile and accessible tool for educating employees and contractors on business and site-specific procedures anywhere, anytime on any computer or smartphone device whilst recording all activities for compliance. 

It also provides facility and property managers cloud-based storage of site-specific plans, maintenance activities, essential services and emergency procedures and contacts.

POL provides for the secure inclusion of any set of procedures on any mobile or handheld device and includes:

  • supporting documented procedures that are predictably stored in a manual format;

  • providing a summarised electronic checklist that reflects your organisation’s specific procedures;

  • eliminates laminated checklists – it’s all on the Smartphone or Tablet; and

  • can be utilised as Site Safety Induction tool for employees, contractors, event personnel and security teams.

Riskworks is committed to helping clients bring their procedures to life and provide the most up to date information for superior decision-making and best practice responses.

An extensive number of organisations trust Riskworks to develop and manage their Emergency Management Plans, Policies and Procedures, test them and keep them up to date.

With constant advancements in computer and mobile technologies Riskworks continue to update its on-line APP solution “Procedures On-Line” (POL) so businesses are assured their employees have fast reliable access to critical plans, policies and procedures at any time via any device including IOS, Android, iPhone & iPad. 

Riskworks are committed to bring our clients procedures to life to assist with professional judgments, good practice and improved outcomes during emergency situations.

Riskworks proprietary “Procedures On-Line” app is a cost effective, reliable and innovative solution for safety, security, emergency, crisis & business continuity procedures and inductions.

Contact us at info@riskworks.com.au or call (02) 8031 777 to arrange an obligation free demonstration on how POL can benefit your business.

POL is an iOS app available in the App Store and also a web app built with PHP. Hosted on Riskworks servers via Intaserve http://www.intaserve.com/ which has auDA Information Security Standards (ISS) certification. Files are cached on individual’s device with passcode locking for extra security